Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pro/Con (type of persuasive paragraph)

Should English students learn frensh as facultatif language?

Most of English students at BTTC think that learning Frensh language can be a good thing for them before integrating in their professional life and the others think that it is waste of time.

On the one hand,learning frensh language can facilitate the communication between an English teacher and his pupils.For example,it helps new english pupils to understand something unclear in another latin language very useful which is Frensh.Also,both of these language have common points especially in vocabulary.So,pupils who master Frensh can master English too because English is easier than Frensh.

On the other hand,learning frensh language as an english students is waste of time.It takes up time to deepen their knowledge in English.Also,they may lost their english vocabulary by learning Frensh.

English students at BTTC have to learn Frensh language before they become teachers in order to make lesssons easy in very useful language which is Frensh and used in our daily life.


  1. Frensh language is used in daily life of each individu like our mother tongue.
    So,myself,I think that as a future Enlish teacher I have to master Frensh to translate the message to my pupils easily when there is something unclear,and try to find common rules.It will help pupils to love English which is going to be second new foreign language for them after Frensh language.
    People who master Frensh,they`ll never find difficulties in English because Frensh lge is more difficult than English.The only condition for that,is to love English.
    English lge depend Frensh lge.So,let`s master it.

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