Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to paragraph

How to be a good teacher?

Teaching is not easy job as many people think.But being a good teacher is easy if you follow the steps above.

Firstly,you have to love this job because if you love what you do,you could succeed in your professional life.Secondly,you have to be in update of anything.For example:the new entrance in the dictionnary especially if you are teaching foreign languages.In addition,regularly readers.With only your knowledge you can dominate your students not by acting Itlere in class as many teachers do.Thirdly,be respectious in your behaviors and even your dresses.For example:the smock is obligatory for all teachers exept college teachers.

In short,being a good teacher is not miraculous.You have just to be a loyal teacher in order to be a good teacher.


  1. hello sara ;
    for me i think your witing has changed gradually
    and its good
    i have a remark: i think _above_ in the second line is not the apropriate word that should be used
    above means : up or upper
    you can utilize _the following _
    i am not the teacher but a student as you
    good bye

  2. I think that you can say above.But maybe you are right.let`s ask Ms Salhi for that.
    Is it a mistake Ms Salhi?

  3. Hi Students,

    for this paragraph you would rather use "above"in the concluding sentence.
    "above" means to ahigher position than something else.Here it is not appropriate.