Monday, September 6, 2010

Persuasive paragraph 2

Living in Canada is a good choice for all people who want to immigrate.Firsly,it gives a chance for almost all intellectual people to work like engineers,teachers,doctors..etc.In addition,they are well paid because countries such as Canada admit the value of these kinds of educated people.There is no nepotism ;so,it encourages to be hard workers.Secondly,Canadian state cover all kids needs till they will be adults.Each canadian kid touch 500 dollars per month.Thirdly,Canada is developped country.There are many means such as :works,transportation,technology development to live in good conditions.
In short,Canada is among the best countries for people who look for a good future and best life.


  1. hello sara how are you
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  2. Hi amine,what have you been up to?It has been along time.I miss you.
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