Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introduction for : our college library.............

As you know greed corrupts people characters . Our headmaster has always spent a lot of money owning school on his own needs ; he enjoys his life with his familly and became rich at the expense of us so that his belly looks like a hill even we think that he will have a baby who will knowhow to account money the age of two years asa result he does not mind our college needs at all so, ourcollege library has short hours , cranky librarians , and few books.

(this kind of introduction named : funny story .it might been an easy way to attract reader inttention ).


  1. Lol Ahlem.No worries I'll comment all articles which worth to comment.
    The content of your introduction made me laugh.
    Myself,I think that your introduction is very critical and you focus on the headmaster instead of students!Re-read your thesis statement and see if there is a link between you introduction and your thesis statement.Perssonally,I think there is no link.But let's ask Ms Salhi,she's the best placed to answer and make correct comments.