Monday, December 6, 2010

A letter

BOUIRA Ain bessam
228 street
Dear Ikram
It is a really pleasure for me to write this letter for you in which i will tell you what the weather will be likethe day you come and , what you shouldbring with you.
I want you to know that Algeriaisa hot country especially in summer therfore it is very hot and humide so we expect high temperature except at night it is cold , and asyou know Algerian nights get amazing so that people prefer to walking out forgeting all their day sorrows and , waching happily the wonderful sea scenary .
In the daytime it is very hot and i know that you like promenade a lot but no matter i will spend with you extraordinary time .Dont forget to bring with you light clouthes , hat , andifyou an umberella without forgeting sunglasses.
I am waiting you by eagerly patience take care see you in few months.