Saturday, December 4, 2010

show me

Show me the meaning of being...
Show me the meaning of being... Show me the meaning of being lonely Is this the feeling i need to walk with Tell me why i can t be there where you are Is something misssing in my heart So many words for the broken heart It is hard to see in crimson love So hard to breathe walk with me and maybe Nights of light so soon become


  1. Hi Ahlem,
    The way that you wrote this song resembles to the way we write a paragraph.
    Remark:it will be better if you write something interesting by your own words than songs we can find in youtube or dailymotion with lyrics.

  2. Hi sarah thank u for ur attention but me at least i wrote and this is the most important in addition i was in a rush so sorry.....

  3. Keep your hair on Ahlem!!It is just my point of view.As you said,at least,you,you use to write and it is the most important thing.xxxxx