Sunday, March 6, 2011

ENS bouzareah is still being on strike.

Bouzareah Teacher Training College is still being on strike.Nevertheless,Mr Kouli,the headmaster of this school,during the presence of the algerian television(ENTV) and some journalists,had manipulated the delegates of UGEL to join classes to pretend that ENSb resumed studies normally;while,the others students don't stop being angry against his bad acts.As Mr Kouli could not influence on these students,he insulted them by using bad words in arabic that we hear always outside of schools by illiterate people such as( ntouma wled hram,inale dine waldikoum...).Words coming from one who may be headmaster of a high school!!
As a student nammed Sara HAMITOUCHE,I am witness of this strike which still going on till we receive an agreement on black and white.(That's approximately the article that I sent to LIBERTE newspaper in well written frensh lge)
Woe is me!!Woe on the day I choose the ENS!!Woe also of the moment that I was choosen by these teachers!!

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