Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonderful story

My story begin when i saw him
Since i did he lived in my dream
When i saw him i felt strange feeling
I felt that i wanna stay with him sin thinking
I wanna fly when i was between his arms
I wanna cry when "goodbye" he says
We were meeting always in beautiful garden
All our dreams were building and were hiden
I never knew that these dreams go in the aire
If i knew that that's the end
Never i start and my heart to him never lend
I was blind and how i believe him from one sight
Maybe you were good actor and me wanted to fight
Your way made tired since i knew you
I was foolish when my heart gave to you
I gave you something that many are dreaming of
But you lost it although just you can make it swich off
No matter if we were still alive
There is a bit hope that makes me live
Far from you but in my heart settle
If it's by my hand i will hide you in bottle
Your assimilation were done well
Congratulation you knew how to ring my bell
Believe me i loved you i love and still
I would die for you ..me for you i can kill
If you know what i did for you....
Maybe your heart soften to me a few
All what you sad to me still in my memory
All what you did to me are written in my story
By one word i can be the happiest
By only one gesture i would be the best
Without you i am betterfly without wings
Without you its like ears without rings
Its not fair darling i am tree without birds
As i am heaven without colors
Before i know you my heart was sad
But when i met you in it i can't add
So come with me stay the life-time
Why you don't??itsn't crime
Why you make me blaim
And only you i want..so on you a shame.


  1. It is your story I guess!!You felt in love with someone who don't give you any importance.lol so sorry for you.But don't forget this frensh expression;( Les mecs sont comme le bus,si tu t'en rates le 1er,tu prends l'autre)This is my motto because I think that love doesn't exist in its propre term especially in our country.It is just having a habit to date a guy,spending all our time with him,then we seem addicted to him like an alcoholic man who can not stop drinking but still a habit not love!!
    Anyway Ahlem,hope you'll find your half soon especially that the signs of the end of the world in 2012 are appearing one by one!!profit Ahlem...you'll die soon...lol

  2. oooooooooooooooh no sara what r u saying r u crazy or something??? its not concerning my private life but it came in my mind and i whrote it bekause i m not the type of girl that let vmy heart broken kause never let him open ....hope u got it any way thx for ur intention honey.

  3. so it is wrong to start by(my story begins..)why are you subjective then?!!
    anyway,nice story...don`t be angry darling..still just a comment not more!!
    Remark:you made many mistakes in writing this comment..you were in a rush i guess..but it`s okay..I got it!

  4. It is not wrong to start by this phrase for example
    because it is just imagination
    as Nizar Kabani started his poems
    He attributed the stories to him, but in fact it is just a fantasy...OK Sara

  5. so lets ask Ms Salhi
    if it's wrong or right. OK Sara