Friday, March 11, 2011

what I'll do???

how are you doing?
the study is resumed and me I'm at my home
I cannot come back
as you know I live too far
but it is obliged to come back
because I've too projects to present ....
All that it is clear... and OK
and it has a solution
but what about our demands?????
do ministry agree to give us our rights????????
but since the strike shut down and the study resumed
it means that the ministry gave us our demands....
is it true what I said?????
are you with me ???
For me I cannot understand anything ....


  1. The minister of high education gave us nothing.The problem of classification still existing.The prouf,all other faculties still being on strike exept ENSb because of its students who didn't stand together.
    Besides,my association at Ensb didn't bring me something which I have to be proud of.Contrarily,I feel like a kid who is always following people without understanding the facts and put away my real nature!So,Ens didn't bring me positive aspects in this side.