Wednesday, March 30, 2011

why they don't care??!!

As my friend Ahlam said we have to work hard on the second semester to have year.
So Ahlam! all that is clear for our colleagues and they always care for that.
but there is a useful thing they don't care for it and they unaware completely the importance of it which is writing on the blog .
I don't know why they don't make attention for that; whereas it's too helpful to improve their writing ; speaking and even listening skills.
So, just one paragraph on the week at least, it helps them to acquire new words and all that for richer their vocabulary.


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  2. Myself,it was this idea of writing in the blog which has helped me to improve my don`t waste your time..profit as much as you can before Ms salhi leave us.Feed yourselves from her knowledge because next year in writing, I think it`s gonna be the same as many modules we are studying now..we`ll heat benches without acquiring anything.

  3. all right Sara
    we have to profit as possible as we can
    at least to take a useful feedback from Ms salhi as you said
    but what can I say. our colleagues unaware that completely. they don't care
    but trust me Sara they will regret in the future when Ms salhi leave...

  4. Zahraa,myself I understand circumstances of each one of them.For example,some don`t have internet at home and the others maybe be finacial problem to go to cybercafe but I don`t think that they don`t care as you said because all of us want to succeed but it depends of each student`s thoughts.Some hope just to get the average,the others think that there are remdedial exams in june and september which are helpful and some others seek the level not the marks because they aim for other goals through just this liscence as me.
    Anyway,I think we are mature and we know what is good and bad for us!