Monday, March 21, 2011

Hi my friends,
This is a wonderful UK website for chat:
To have access,you have an application form to fulfill to register your name,then you are free to chat in any room you want such as liverpool room,manchester room,students room..etc.
I had began to use it for a couple of weeks and kept in touch with some chatters via skype who I found very interesting.The more I talk to them,the more I learn many new expressions:dialect,idioms,new words,abbreviations...etc.I can say that if I continue in this way,I`ll improve a lot in writing even in speaking by using various idioms and abbreviations like native speakers though it stills too much efforts to get their gorgeous accent!!
Also,I learnt that british people are not as warm as frensh people.Just I say I am from Algeria,they stop talking to me!lol.In a whole,I met some kind and interesting people with whom I kept contact.hope You`ll do the same.
In a nutshell,enjoy your holidays.Relax a bit and study a lot..Soon the end of the year.Work harder and profit as much as you can from the knowledge that some interesting teachers are transmiting us.


  1. thanks Sara for this website...

  2. you`re welcome lady..just go through it n promsise you`ll not regret it.xxxx