Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vacation is over...............

All right friends i think we had got enough time ......so we were a bit lucky because we take a big rest but in the other hand we lost a lot of corses that's why we should do our best to restore at least a few .I wish you have spent confortable time with your famillies ...now you have to get ready to study seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


  1. thx darling Ahlam! All right we have to be ready to study the second semester and catch up what we didn't do well at the first semester
    at least to have year
    and also we have to write on the blog to improve our writing skills at least.
    but as we see most of 3 rd group student don't care for that
    they unaware completely the importance of this blog

  2. My Goodness!!!As I didn`t work well during the 1st semester,I feel stressed and I can`t be bothered to resume studies.But all right Ahlem,we got a long break..I wish all students getting lousy grades could catch up in this 2nd semester.Good luck then