Friday, March 19, 2010

The mad woman and her children

Once upon a time,there was a very beautiful and attractive young girl,she was only three years,orphan of her father and abandoned by her mom was brought up by her paternal uncle.When she reached out her sixteen,she get married with a member of her family.They were living with the whole family where they had just two rooms:the kitchen and a small room.The habitat of this young couple situated in a small city called Mekla which is situated in Tizi Ouzou.
As every person is not shelter of diseases,madness touched this woman having five children.Unfortunately she was touched by madness during the pragenetcy.When the baby was born,her hunsband thought of remarrying to raise his children especially the baby.But thinking of divorcing his sick wife with whom he lived years and years,and the parental link which existed pushed the hunsband to change his mind.This poor woman who needed family support was abandoned by them and almost was left by her hunsband too.
If the uncle didn't see her again,it was to make her understand even her children when they were growing up that they were having nothing in the heritage that he monopolized.On the contrary,he was satisfied of her illness because she didn't have the right to sue him on justice to ask for its immovable property because of her disease.
The disease of this woman and the debts of her husband pushed their children to be mature since their young ages,make face to their daily problems,especially to study harder,and to help between them.So,thanks to the efforts of the children,the family's situation improved.The children succeeded in their studies and were awarded diploma.Three of them travelled abroad and the others worked in their country.
Some years later,they decided to demand to their uncle the inheritance seized to their mom but without results.So,they decided to sue this uncle for this inheritance.
Ten years later,the mom and her children regained their immovable property which was monopolized by her uncle for many years ago.
Since the patient who got back her immovable property,and had never put her feets out of home for more than twenty years,her children succeeded to make her go out.
So,the first time when she went out with her children gardening her earth,she faint for few minutes then she woke up and there it was a surprise for the children.Her mother regained her moral faculties.The proof she recognized each person who encircled her and her neighbors.Finally,the family lived and live till now a life full of joy of and happiness and became among the richest family in the country.


  1. I know that my paragraph is long but I can't sum up more!Just i hope that my sentences are clear as they're clear in my mind!

  2. Hi Sara,

    I highlighted some of the mistakes you'd made in red.Please revise your short story for sentence structure.Try to find the most accurate words to express your ideas.
    Proofread for spelling mistakes.
    there are many grammatical mistakes , too.
    To use that use the edit post function in the dashboard.