Saturday, March 27, 2010

Peace be on all students and every one who go via the blog . What do you know about the life . Is it yours ?
The life is...........try to remember who are you. Are you going to live forever?ask your self Where are going to ......?
some time i contemplate about things i have not the potential so as to deal with but now .....
every one has bad dreams .Horrible things come to you in the dark . things you can hear but not see . one day you wake up at night on your own warm bed . And surely you go back to sleep.
imagine you wake up on a hard floor in darkness.blackness of the blackest night . you are a lone . you can feel but can not move .Some people put you dawn in a place and left you there .This place is a tiny pit is made only to lie on but only for dead person . this pit is the grave .where are you going tooooooooooooooo ?



  1. Hi amine,
    what's up?In your paragraph I see that you complain about the life right?!!
    Dear friend,
    Live your life normally as I did!Don't be busybody!!Sure that we are not going to live forever,but we have to profit in this life as much as we can!
    The life is so beautiful!!

  2. hi friend...what s going on,,,?LIVE your life because it comes one time...we wont live forever sure.but be a positive man and think what you should give and what you should have

  3. Himy freind?What are you happened to you my friend? I think you do not appreciate the value of life. Life is too great so, you take advantage of every moment because every moment is received and not go back.i command you to be more optimistic dear freind bye.