Monday, March 15, 2010


Once upon a time,there was a farmer ,who had three sons charly was the younger and he was very intelligent ,modest,and helpful with every body that’s why they called him “Simply”,one day simply was in the farm ,he heared a human sound,in the first time he didn’t put it in his mind but in the second time he was amaze and he spoke with him self:what is this?he turned back and he saw only a blak cow,simply tried to go out but suddenly the blak cow called him;”hi simply how are you? I am Monica and I am here to help you ,simply was shoked by this speech and he was also suprized but he was happy and he said to monica ,yes I need your help for one thing but you must proven me that you are capable for everything ,and for that can you give me instead of this horse a nice car ,monica tried to give simply what he want but she failed many times, and simply was suprized but he didn’t believe that monica was a simple cow.

In deed,monica ,went out from the farm,she spoke lonely but now everything she said was realised ,and she give simply his importance thing which was a princess in a very big castle ,at the end simply discovered that monica failed because she can’t speak in the farm where there was many animals.


  1. i m sorry for you riadh...god bless him

  2. hi riadh.miss salhi asked me about your story,because it is like mine.

  3. It's astonished Riadh and Hanaa!You've the same ideas!!

  4. Hi Riadh,

    I highlighted in red some of the mistakes you 'd made.Here are my comments.First,your post on the blog needs a title .
    Second, you have not followed the frame of a fairy tale.You need to state a problem faced by your main character.You need two types of characters: evil and good, and more importantly an element of magic.
    Third,the body of your faity tale should present a sequence of event leading to the solution stated in your concluding sentences.
    Finally, there are many mistakes in terms of grammar and mechanics.
    Use the "edit posts' function to revise and edit your fairy tale according to my remarks.