Friday, March 26, 2010

What's cooking?

Hi my friends,
I hope that you are OK?and in good health?I wish that you are passing good vacation and you profit as much as you can relaxing before you'll came back to ENS.
For me,I am not bad at all.To be frank,my first week during this vacation was so boring.As my parents who are teachers,were on strike,they worked the first week of this vacation and my brothers who are in middle school ,studied too.So,I had nothing to do except staying in front of my computer hours and hours chating with my friends,meeting new native speakers,and trying to enrich my vocabulary in English as much as I can at the same time.Then,during the night,we stayed together exchanging ideas in several fields such as:politics,medecine...especially in teaching and tried to give me a tip of advices.
Concerning this second week,as my relatives who live in the United kingdom are going tomorrow in Algeria,I and all my family are going to my grand mother's house to gather together.So,I am going to change the atmosphere especially its good chance for me to practice my English face to face and I'll try to get their pretty good accent.
It is true that it stays just one week but I think it's enough to backpack around Algeria especially visit many several good sightseeing.
By the way,what's cooking my friends?I hope that I'll read you soon.
Take Care


  1. Hi boast girl,
    Sorry but your paragraph is so long to read.I don't think that there is someone who can read it.
    your friend.

  2. hello,
    Who are you please?
    I obliged person to read my paragraphs ok!
    I did it by pleasur especially to improve my writing skills thats all!
    Take care!

  3. (I hope that you are OK?and in good health?)
    why did you make"?s" in these two sentences? they are not interrogative