Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi my friends,
I want to remember you the websites that Ms Salhi gaves us to ameliorate our English:

Please click on it without hesitation,you'll not regret it!Profit as much as you can to work on it during this vacation in order to improve your English.Personely,i use it daily and it works.I use it even to learn slang English in order to be able to understand what my pen friends say when I chat with them even my relatives who are English.
I'll give you these other websites which i use too: (it is website use to chat with native speakers)Click on it!it's amazing believe me!You will make a new relationships and learn English at the same time!!! it is the most important one for your pronunciation)Let's click on!With time you'll speak English like American people.The rule for that is to listen and repeat what you are listening at the same time!

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  1. Thank you Sara for sharing your web findings.