Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why am I studying English?

I am Sara Hamitouche.I am a new student at the Bouzareah Teacher Training College.I used to study English for six year.I am studying English because its my favorite foreign language and I am sure that I can go farther with this language in my professional career.Also,my relatives help me,and support me in my studies ;so, it's not so difficult to succeed.I can't say that I'm good in this language because I am not native speaker.And unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to practice it daily as in the case of Frensh language that i use.But,by love for this language i created the way to ameliorate my English much better by chating on internet only in English with native speakers.Also,as i have relatives who are British and they visit us almost each year,i profit the occasion to practice my speaking with them without any complex.
In short, I can say that my English has improved thanks to the stategies that i followed and i use to follow until now without forget the help of my English teachers especially my teacher in middle school who i can't forget until my dead because he gaves me the basic and thanks to him I have this luggage and certain level in English.

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