Saturday, July 10, 2010

BAC 2010

While we are afraid about white year due to strike which is a good friend for students even for teachers,we find with a rate of 61% percent of success in the baccaleaureat exam.To understand that this rate of success is more political than real.And the minister of education *Ben Bouzid* wants to persuade us that his educational system works.
As Tizi Ouzou is in the top of the listen with 79%,the yoyou are no stop in many homes.Parents share with their kids this hapiness by covering the sun with a sieve!!
Instead of our country encourages us to work harder to succeed,it encourages us to be more and more lazy.The lastest kid of these generals is in Europe or America,for sure! So,you are right,you create havoc as you want in this country because you kids are farther to be touched.That sounds amazing!
Well,we try to get this diploma,or let`s say this piece of paper and leave this country.

Even I`ll stay in this coutry,my future kids will never study in public schools.I`ll do my best to get much money to study in private schools,and when they grew up(among 18years)I`ll send them to europe to carry on there,to live there,even to die there!!
At least,they will die quiet,drawsheet.


  1. I will be soccer mom.(A mom who devotes her life for his children).

  2. hi sarah ,
    I want to say that in each time , you are succeded in your choice . You are touched all the subjects which interested our situation nowdays.I find you are right about what did you say ; There is no educationnal level in Algeria.
    thank you & see you soon

  3. Thank's darling.I know that when all of you read these kinds of articles written by me you think that I am not nationalist at all and I dislike my country.I ain't just I am telling the truth.
    Believe me,staying in Algeria is my last worry altough I am living well.Even,I stay it is not that bad because I'll get a job.
    At least,we,we have a job at the end.But what can we say about the other educated people?No comments!they've just to leave this country and look for better life and situation.