Saturday, July 31, 2010


I would like to take revenge
Of all that they made us
It is the hatred which advances me
In this world full of guilty

I learnt not to rely any more,
In nowdays,more and more..
This world is filled of traitors and liars,
It is enough to look at the number of killers.

One day, I'll take revenge.
I still duno how but I'll do it
I'll never forget what they did for my Grand mother
It is engraved in my spirit for ever.

They deserve all that anyway,
We collect just what we sow,no ?
One day, they will suffer as she suffered
One day,they'll finish all in the hell



  1. For me,the revenge is my best defence.
    I am so kind that if someone hurt me just a bit I become as a fumed dog!
    That's my philosophy!