Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thanks Dad

Dear Dad,Without you I would be nothing,You knew how to love me, caress me, kiss me, all that is good.But you knew also how to watch me,scold me,punish me to make of me the girl that you wanted become.
Dear Dad,You offer me life of princess that you didn`t get during your childhood.Me I am living heaven on earth while during your childhood you didn`t have at least a piece of bread to eat.I know that you didn`t have means to live well,but not that bad!And due to my sensibility,you never told me your life in details when you was kid.I thank mom who told me your life with the less important detail.Poverty made on you real man.You even abandoned your studies to be a teacher in order to cover my uncles studies;otherwise,you can be more than a teacher.Anyway,the diffirence is just in the salary.Anyway, your intellectual level and your vast culture are eternal.Proud of you Dad.You know,God love you too much because you fulfilled your best dreams which are your brothers succeeded well in their professional life and your kids are taking your way.
You offered all of us especially for your kids an eternal wealth which is:Knowledge.A wealth which will never finish.Kids of rich families succeed rarely in their studies but you dad you offer me money anytime at the same time you learnt me to never say that this or that thing is mine if I didn`t buy it with my own money.This Thing push me to study harder because I know that I can not trust you if I`ll fail.As you are saying:(pas d erreurs!!}
Dad,sometimes it seems like war between you and me.You watch me a lot the thing that I never liked because I see myself adult and you don`t have the right to do that.But today,I thank you too much about that because if you wasn`t back of me,I will make wreck.
Thanks a lot Dad,and proud of you all my family.

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