Saturday, July 24, 2010

The rest of my fairy tale which is a real story

Hello my friends I'll tell you the rest of my fairy tale(The mad woman and her children ) which is real story.Before I'll tell you this rest I'll make a sum up about it and if you want the story from A to Z you find the beginning with the less important detail in this classblog.Just you remove the magic thing to undesrtand the story.

It was the story of an orphan woman having five children living in Tizi ouzou touched by madness during her last pregnnacy.Altough this poor woman needed family support,she was abandonned by her family,and almost by her hunsband who was thinking about divorce.But thinking about divorcing his sick wife and the paternal link which existed between the both changed the mind of this hunsband.Even,she was abondonned by her uncle who educated her.Since,this poor woman got married,he didn't gave her visit to make her understand even her children when they were growing up that they were having nothing in the heritage that he monopolized.This small family living so bad but poverty made of the kids of this mad woman real men.So thanks to the efforts of the children,their situation improved.The children succeeded in their studies and were awarded diploma.Three of them travelled abroad and the others worked in their country.
Some years later,they decided to demand to their uncle the inheritance seized to their mom but without results.So,they decided to sue this uncle for this inheritance.Since 1994 to 2002 of justice,the mom and her children regained their immovable property which was monopolized by her uncle for many years ago.Since that,the family became among the richest family in Tizi Ouzou due to her immovable property which amounts in millards.

Years was passing and unintentionally, the son of this uncle who laughed a lot of her face(the patient) and due to the bad situation of this family took a depression recently ands met up in the hopitale of the madman where this mad women met up too for some months.

Since that,this uncle and all relatives of this patient had re-bites and regrets.So,they tried to save the honor by never offensive this patient when she went gardener in herimmovable property, and tried to become attached to her children more and more,and in their turns they forgave for this monsters because they tought that it was the only solution to win peace!!

As there was a big party in this mad woman house on 22jully,2010 because her two sons gave birth in France and Canada,also her son who was living in france bought recently a villa in Paris which costed four millards of dinars.And they have project which was built family cooperative in their immovable property,kids of this patient invited their uncle and all their relatives with they had maternal link to make them undertand undirectly that they accepted their pardon and show them that their hearts are not filled of hatred all the same.

At six Pm,these monsters arrived to this patient house.They were welcomed warmly by their children but the older daughter of the first kid of this patient whose name is Sarah failed waste the party because of his bad behavior with them,and yell so hardly that she will never forgive them.But she eventually cheek all of them just to please her dad,and her uncles.Cheeks full of hatred that a blind person can notice But it was able to camofler a little bit her behavior.
Among seven Pm,it was the dinner,but they had so remors and regrets to laugh of this family face,that they didn't arrive to eat especially when they saw at the first time,not just educated children of this patient,but even her smallest kids educated.A family which passed from poverty to good situation thanks to the efforts of the children. To understand that poverty made on them real men contrary to them who had none intellectual level because they already found much money since their birth ,and lands almost everywhere in the region.
As nothing goes away in front of the good,this patient became rich than them.In addition, a united family, contrary to them who killed for a small piece of ground.
The party which began from dinner,was finished by Dj plus Idabalen.The dance was non stop from ten Pm till three Am.
Everything ended good.The mom and her children won peace since this day.Goodbye problems.Goodbye offensive.And since this day they can profit from their wealthy without any worries!


  1. This story is indeed my family story!In this story I learnt that money does not make the hapiness.And, As my Dad said poverty which make on men a real men as his and my uncles situation.
    Even they regained their immovale property which amounts in millards of dinars,they put in their kids mind that as they don`t work,they don`t own these by themselves they have nothing!
    I hope me,and my cousins carry on their way because myself after my grandmother became mad and my uncles suffered due to them,I feel much worry and always sad even they regained their wealth.

  2. Hi Sara,

    thank you for sharing your story with your comrades.

    Ms salhi

  3. You're welcome Ms Salhi.
    My friends,I hope when you read my story to tell me what do you conclude.
    Myself,I conclude that money equal problems!!
    And I hope every one apply this proverb above:

    *N'estime l'argent ni plus ni moins qu'il ne vaut.C'est un bon serviteur,et un mauvais maître.*

  4. For me "l'argent fait le bonheur"

  5. Hi Kika,
    L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur mais il dissimule le malheur c'est tout!!!!
    Wish you much money and peace at the same time Kika.
    For sure I love money and get much money in my pocket but my wich is to get money to cover my children needs that's all but never to be rich.
    Even married a rich man makes me worry!!
    My family's experience made on me fearful person of money!!

  6. hi sarah i m sorry but you killed us with your storry lol...

  7. Hi Ahlem,
    Remark:*you killed us....*Don`t talk at the place of our camarades.Talk just about yourself because I demanded minds of each member of you.
    Sorry,I didn`t get the meaning of your comment by saying I killed you..Be more clear please.
    Hope I`ll read you soon.