Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi every body............

Hi my freinds i hope that you are doing well.I realy miss you because we were as one familly;so what is up my freinds , myself i want to stay in touch with each other to know our news and it is a good way to connection .So take care and happy holiday enjoy your vacation to will not regret.Buye.


  1. Hi Ahlem,
    I am Ok thank you.My vacation are so bored.Each year are the same things:weddings,swimming pool,beach..that's all.Even on holidays I am living the routine!
    By the way,what about your holidays?
    See you soon.

  2. hi my sister,
    i really miss you so much.About my holiday is not perfect as you think.i have spent all my times at home , just the five days that i spent in aunt'home in BOUMERDESS.Maybe , me and my familly are going to visit bejaia for some days "if the GOD want".
    And for you , is there any plan to do in this summer?
    kiss you & happy holidays

  3. Hi Lilia,
    As you are going to Bejaia,I advice you to go in Thais beach.It costs money but you will not regret it.
    And if you wanna come to the new swimming pool which is situated near *la nouvelle ville*just call me.It will be a pleasure to meet you there.
    There are many handsome guys and most of them are immigrant.I already known them so i will present you someone.lool
    Do not miss this occasion.come!I am waiting you.