Sunday, July 18, 2010


Suicide became a very big issue in our country due to many reasons:family problems,bad situation,..etc.But,what can we say about people who suicide without any reason.As the beautiful lady who is living in my natal village,killed herself three days ago!She's quiet beautiful,educated,and having an important statut.She is living well that none could believe what she did.
As I see,when comes an eny to die and we don't think at all about life,we find this door to go out,a door which take us without return,this door is indeed death.So,without thinking we run away and forget that it makes suffer!Let us our family,our friends,all people who love us suffer because of our stupide action.Not only stupide,but forbidden in Islam religion!
Life:hapiness,sadness,torment... what is life in nowdays ???


  1. Hi,
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  2. hi sarah,
    suicide...?????it is a very big and huge problem that many contries suffered from.Us you had said maybe for many raisons which someones are not known.Especially,youth who has unconsiou, the do just what they want to do because they think well and they don't need z help from anyone.So, i hope all the best in our life ......
    see you & good bye

  3. But when I saw an educated beautilful lady suicided although she was living well I was chocked.If suicide is solution for all problems,all Algerian people will finish by suicide.
    Well,we can expect more than this!Life is full of surprises!!
    God blesses her and keep her in his vast heaven.