Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best of Luck

Hi my friends,
Well,I am saved from remedial exams thanks to my two last marks in listening/speaking and writing which are good;while,many of my camarades take them due to these modules.I wanna just wish you my dear friends best of luck.Hope you will pass the year easily and the coming years will be better.
Well,I hope that from time to time,I`ll read you in this blog.Even if Ms Salhi left us,hope we can carry on in this blog during this holidays and even the coming years.we`ll manage it by ourselves..and try to correct each other mistakes.
type to you soon.xxxx


  1. For sure Sara I'll never stop my participation in our class blog and my individual blog
    these blogs are the only thing don't allow us to forget our best Teacher Ms.Salhi. I'm writing these words and my tears in my cheeks I cannot wipe them away .
    please Sara if you meet Ms.Salhi again this week please offer her to be our teacher until the fourth year.
    OK Sara!

  2. The only thing I wanna tell her:On vous regrettera Mme.