Monday, June 6, 2011

I am afraid

I am really afraid!!It is highly possible that I`ll pass the remedial exams!!Gosh!!!!it is such a nightmare!!Dad will kill me!!haha
How can I justify my failure for him?What kind of pretexts should I give him?
Frankly,I shiver with fear!!
we say that,better late than never but it is too late for me!!I bugger up and now I pay it.I`ll be a liar if I say that the exams were difficult,the problem was me.I didn`t work well;so,so much the worst for me!
But some teachers are the cause of our failure!I am sorry to say that but this is the truth.The first one is MS Houari or as I call her "Ms exception" because she never explain us and convince us when we did the exercices.The only thing she used to say:take it like this it is an exeption!What a hell!!!Also,Mr boukenna was one of our failure!till now,I didn`t understand why he limited us the courses in the 2nd semester to betray us during the exam!!All my efforts are for nothing!!
My friends,let`s think together!don`t you think these teachers acts are revenge?
Well,I`ll stop talking because it is late and unfortunately in this school,no one take on consideration our complaints.
The last thing that i should say is bravo Ms Salhi.Yeah,bravo!!you are almost the only one who was not selfish and correct.Many teachers carried "un sourire jaune"as we say it in frensh during the whole year and we unmasked them till the period of the exams after botching us.


  1. exceptional teacher sorry i mean exceptional case
    really really i hate this expression cuz always when we ask MS houri about mystrious things she told us " exceptional case" go to hell!!!!
    so as u said Sara and without compliment Ms Salhi is the only teacher who encourages us to do the best and to ipmrove our english skills .....i tell you Ms. salhi BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO
    we like uuuuuuuuu forever
    cuz WALLAH she helped me a lot to be is this level
    Sara don't worry lovely , you will pass the year inchaallah without remedial exams ...don't worry darling okay

  2. I am not sure that I`ll get the year honey!!Anyway,this year is the same as the precedent year.I see some amelioration in writing module that`s all.However,civilisation and grammar..just give up them!!thanking is just for my farmer teacher in english who gave me the basic in grammar.
    Well,although all what happened as misunderstanding with Ms salhi,she still the best teacher that I`ve never had,and never met.She is the only one who fed me from her knowledge and the others I am wondering if they have at least half of this knowledge cuz i doubt!!Also,I don`t forget our linguistic teacher.That`s right i didn`t like her during the first sessions,but i concluded she is clever teacher and I concluded that in her exams.Clever thinking Ms benzeroug.Bravo!These two teachers cheered me up till the end of my life!