Friday, June 17, 2011


The dictionary defines maturity as it is the progress of an ingénue from childhood to maturity . For me maturity gives the person the wisdom to choose the right from the wrong , the good from the bad prioritize thing in life.

Certain experiences can mark the beginning of maturity. In my own life, I lived several experiments which made me a mature girl . The first experiment when I was 15 years, it was the first time I had had engage. I didn't accept the idea at all due to my age, but by time I discovered that I passed the childhood period to mature period.

As Dr. Seuss said: adults are obsolete children. But in the other hand I refused the relationship, because I was awared that I'm still child, I cannot make an engagement relation, even I was satisfied that I really passed the childhood period.

The second one When I was 17 years, when I didn't get baccalaureate. It was as tragedy for me. I didn't accept the truth ; because I was have race level in study . I felt that time disappointed and deep wound. But in fact it made me mature when I discovered that life doesn't stop in that way and there are a lot of chances to cutch up and I believed in that time that failure in study doesn't mean failure in life.

The last experiment happened In the last summer ,when I was coming back with my cousin to our town. In the road suddenly my cousin started to cough and suddenly she died !!!. It was as tragedy for me bu I dealt with problem with maturity, I wasn't have no choice other than to be patient and strong and to call my father to take her to the hospital. But that time I really needed to some one to encourage me.

These experiences have changed my life forever. And I believe have marked my start to an adult life . I would not be the same person I am now, or have the same outlook on the world around me .There has been countless times when I have just realized " Wow I'm getting mature".

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