Monday, June 6, 2011


Having work is too hard nowadays, even the person who looks for it has certeficate and all the apportunities of working. But nowadays on the word and especially on the South Africa , they don't care for the certeficate and the level of the person and they don't care also for the capacities which are the gut things to have work. They are looking for some thing else such as the dynasty of that person and the color of his/her skin. So, white people on South Aferica are more lucky than the black people to get job.
John was a young man lived in S outh Aferica , he lived in small street with is family, they felt as kooks, even they lived in their town. John studied medecine, he got his certeficate with race grade and he was the best one in his college. He started looking for job.
One day, John got up early , he was too happy and ready to look for job. He wore his clothes and drunk his coffe and went into the hospital. Before he met the honcho, he waited a long time. John enterd the boss's office with big smile and said" good morning Mr. Steve . I'm John I studied medecine, I come here to look for job. This is my certeficate and these are some identification". The honcho stared at him and suddenly ; a white young man enterd the office; he was having the same deploma with John, alsohe wanted to get job.
the boss started to discussion with the white man foregetting the blach man " John" .
John felt disappointed when the honcho told the white man that" It doesn't matter , just give as your papers and some I.D and you will start your work from tomorrow " . It was as disaster for John and he discoverd that thr black people are undiserable on that hospital. He got so bent and he blew out there .
Having certeficate isn't the gut thing which help to get gig on South Aferica. But the color of skin become the major thing to have it, otherwise; they will be unacceptable and undiserable on the work.

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  1. Even in the country of liberty which is the USA,racial discrimination still existing.what a pity!!