Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Drowning by Valerie Mendes

Author: Valerie Mendes
Title:The drowning
Publication date: August1, 2005.
Physical description: 249 pages.

Biography:Valerie Mendes is a British author born in 1939 in Buckinghamshire.Valerie started writing at the age of six.After taking a double honours degree in English and Philosophy at Reading University, she moved to Oxford where she still lives.Valerie Mendes worked as a journalist at Reading University,then she worked on readers:short stories for children in Oxford University.It was a good step for her and a kind of experience to move on in her writing and succeed.Among her works,her fist book for children tomasina`s first dance in 1992.Followed by some novels.*Girl in the Attic* is her first novel and three more teenage novels followed such as Coming of Age,Lost and Found...

Summary: Sixteen years old Jenna went to be a great dancer under the eyes of the best teachers in the world in London.Jenna`s mum was killed joy who don`t care about her daughter`s dream.But she had been given quiet support by her dad and her aunt Tamsyn who was living in London offered her financial support to go ahead and reach her goal.
So,Jenna went to London in her Aunt`s home to attempt her chance.After getting many examinations during the audition,she came back home waiting the agreement of the academy.While she was waiting the OK of the academy,she resumed her dance classes with Leah,her ballet teacher since she was four years old.One morning,the mailman posted three letters on the box which one of them was from the academy.Jenna had opened it and screamed with joy that she got in from the academy.Before going to London,she had took her school exams and waited the results.During those days,there was a hot and stuffy day.So,jenna went with her brother Benjie to the beach.While Jenna was taking a nap on the sand,Benjie was swallowed by the beach and dead.Jenna had felt guilty of her brother`s death;so,she put her dreams on hold and focused to help her dad in the cafe he owned.She was living such a hell until she met the young lifesaver who was on duty on the day of that fatal accident and built a relationship with him.That lifeguard whose name was Meryn,healing jenna`s emotion and put her life in a whole new light..Thanks to him,Jenna found the courage to take her dream in hand and move on.So,she went back to London to fulfill her dream.

Criticism: The novel is a bit long but the events are quiet enough that I didn`t feel annoy when I had read it.On the contrary,it gave me the urge to finish it as much possible as I can.I had read it during my first semester in my 2nd year.This novel tranposted me and I almost neglect all homeworks that teachers gave us!

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