Monday, June 6, 2011



I have to tell you goodbye

that's the reality

what can I say?

please! don't ask me why?

because really I wanna tell you


forever, goodbye

It's hard word

I'll say

don't blame me

It's beyond my will

don't ask me

because even me I don't know why

I'll tell you goodbye

look to me

don't cry

wipe your tears away

don't cry

keep your head high

I think you know

why ?

why I have tell you


because I'll die

don't cry

that's the reality

that's the way

I'll tell you for the last time


before I keep away

forgive me

if I did wrong with you

If I made you so bent

one day

forgive me


written by:

LABBACI Fatma Zahraa

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