Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what's cooking??????

Hi friends
how are u doing? have you any important information about the correction of exams
coz really I'm too scare , I feel that I'll lost the year .........!!!!!!!!
please if any one has some information just tell me
really i don't wanna enter the remedial exam due to my illness as you know


  1. As I see we are all in the same bag!hahaa.we have just to across our fingers n hope that we`ll pass just the remedial exams on june and not also in september!!..I am just kidding.
    Well,they still didn`t announce the results.we are still waiting.My nights are calvary due to that!I lack of patience!
    Anyway,wish u`ll pass the year normally and for all the group.

  2. gosh..... we have to pray Allah to pass this year
    I'm too afraid really
    as u said Sara even me at the first I thought that she isn't the appropriate teacher for us in linguistics' module and all of us we complained to Ms Salhi..do you remember? but now I discover that she is the best teacher we have had this year after our writing's teacher Ms.Salhi ...even I didn't get the averege in her module "linguistics"because I was ill as u know... any way we have to thank Allah every day and every night due yo his gift to us which " Ms.Salhi
    sara! we have supply Ms. Salhi to stay teach us coz Wallahi we are lost without her .....okay sara

  3. hope that she`will hear us and remain our teacher during the whole formation.At least,we`ll leave this school with some luggage.Myself,I swear to God if teachers who watch us during the exams will be our teachers next year,belive me I will leave the ENS proudly.I`ll never forget the one who watch us and tell her colleague:look at this lady,she is playing with her hair,and she didn`t stop look at me angrily.Go to hell.As i didn`t disturb her,she had to be quiet!!But these are normalien teacher.Most of them see themselves as superior teachers!However,the level is indeed in faculties such as Hasnaoua!!

  4. Also,the one who i told:miss it is 9 oclock.it is time to start.she didn`t stop to tease me during the whole two hours of the exam..Goodness!What a bad teachers!!
    well,this kind of teachers are those who have less knowledge and they dominate students by acting itlere!!Poor you!!!!!!