Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Am i in the right way.,?

I fill that i am lost in a very big world with many people whom i don't know..i am sooo afraid that's make me disturbing.i need a help,an advice any thing to push me out from this darkness.


  1. Unfortunately,i can`t advice you because in my turn I live this nightmare.I can just say be strong my dear.
    There`s an expression in Frensh which I adore:*Tout le monde me tourne le dos a tord,et tout ce qui me tue me rends plus forte*Take this expression in consederation.
    But what`s up with you too my dear?

  2. Hi hana:
    I am your friend leila,i really wants you to be strog in this moment,don't be afraid because there is no reason for this feeling,your family are with you ,and your friends also and your health is great,what do you wants more hony,
    just belive in your self, like our teacher said,and try to pray every day.and i am shor you will be fin my lovely hana.by