Saturday, May 22, 2010

    water pollution

  1. Human activity is one of the main causes for water pollution in our world today. Sewage is a human-produced product which often ends up as a major pollutant of water sources. Untreated sewage, poorly treated sewage, or overflow from under-capacity sewage treatment facilities can send disease-bearing water into rivers and oceans. While this is not routinely a problem in the developed areas of the world, in developing countries there is often a serious lack of proper facilities for disposing of human waste. This can be reduced by always disposing chemicals such as unwanted oil, petrol, or household cleaners in the proper manner. Another way human activity cause water pollution is by deforestation and damming. These things work together in order to alter the natural pattern of water ways. Rivers can decontaminate the waste we put into the river, but it needs time. Deforestation and draining of swamps allow the water to rush into the ocean before the plants remove fertilizers and other chemicals in the water. A dam would slow the water but destroy the natural sand bars because sediments would settle on the upper part of the river and would not replace the sand lost on these sand bars from natural erosion. Without sand bars, there would be less trees growing on the river and polluted water would rush to the ocean. This can be reduced by deforestation being used in places that are nowhere near water and by reducing the amount of dams.

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