Wednesday, May 12, 2010


1-Two heads are better than one.2-Four eyes see more than two.3-Some people speak more than work.4-Things change from time to time.5-If you work hard,you will get good result.6-Much money and little sense.7-If you are rich,this doesn't that you have every things.8-Better be silent than speak ill.9-Learn wisdom by the follies of others.10-Rome was not built in a day.11-It is trite to talk to a blind man about colours.12-Be slow to promise and quick to perform.13- To live is to learn.14-Never do things by halves.15-If you give up your pride,what are you left with.16-If you deal with a fox,think of his triks.17-Woman and roses shouldn't be left to whither.

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