Friday, May 28, 2010

Real Love Story(Amour a mort)

It was a story of cute girl whose name is Thiziri with an immigrant man whose name is Aghiles,reached out his 26years old,had diploma in Tamazight language in Hasnaoua university but he was living in France exactly in Paris where he was working as a hotel receptionist.
Everything began when their glanced accross.It was the beginning of new frienship.The girl spent amazing time with him when he was on holidays in Algeria;so,when he went back to France she was very upset as he brought her heart with him.
But as there was an attraction between the both especially the man,he decided to keep in touch with her via internet and mobile phone.Sure that the girl accepted without any hesitation because she already felt under his charm and beauty.
When he went back to France,both of them passed all their free time chating together on internet and tried to know each other more and more.Also,he gave her calls almost each day at least for one hour.If she didn`t really know his situation,she might say that he`s a rich man;whereas,he is a sample citizen.
Some months of their meeting,this friendship became love without wanting.In his return to Algeria for one month,they passed all the time together.Too much love,affection together.With him I had always the giggles.The girl never known with him what was sadness and bad feelings.they spend unforgettable month together.
But as nothing goes as one wish.Aghiles sent a message for Thiziri the night before he went back to France,he said:(Thiziri je t'aime certes mais je te merite pas.Cherches ton bonheur ailleurs,tu mérites mieux!).Thiziri understood nothing of this message.He switch off his mobile phone so thiziri didnt say for him at least have a good trip.The worst,he turn off contact with her almost one call,no net...
So,the only thing that came in mind of thiziri that he`s womenized,he didnt love her at all and that she was just amazing pass time for him during holidays.
Days was passing wihout having any news of him but one day she acrossed him on msn then he demanded her pardon about his bad behaviour and said that there`s no future between he and her.The poor Thiziri directly tought that he met another girl so he forgot her.Thiziri was much depress that he left the internet.Some hours after she found relief,she sent him message:(le bon dieu m'a sauvé de toi.t es qu'un simple courreur de jupon,je déteste conard)Just Aghiles received the message,he gave her a call and told her on weeping that he love her so much and one day she'll know the truth.But as Thiziri insisted to know what this truth which was an obstacle in their relation and he admited that he had a baby with Frensh women whose name is Nathalie by error.Thiziri was shocked when she knew the reality but her feelings didn't change at all.Instead to leave him,she support and stayed with him.So,they started again.In few time,she demanded her in marriage and she accpted.But Thiziri's family don't agree this relation.So,once again thiziri was upset and much depress.
Now,Thiziri was taken between two fire:her family who love her so much and who offered her life of princess and her boyfriend who love so much.She didn't know what to do?!!!


  1. hello sara how are you ?
    your story i think love without meaning
    thiziri and aghiles exchanged the same feeling
    but there is an obstacle among them thihis abstacle is the parents of thiziri
    but now sara con you tell how thrives their love i am waiting you to recite how are they now
    its a good story sara

  2. The obstacle between them is the baby that he had with a Frensh woman;otherwise,Thiziri`s family will accept him.
    Thiziri and Aghiles are always a couple but no future between the both.Thiziri have to make a choice between her family and his boyfriend.
    The both are happy together but unfortunately this hapiness is permanent.One day,it goes!

  3. Hi.sara i realy like this's very nice.

  4. Hi sarsora your story made me cry so why u told it for us our problems are not try it again ok no sadness no problems ..

  5. Hi cute girl,
    This story is so sad but be happy because you are not the one who live this sadness.