Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Slang Expression and Their Meaning

-You are a couch potato=you are lazy person
-Your ASL please?=abbreviation of age,sex,location(term used generally when you chat)
-We have to cram for the exams=to study harder for the exams.
-Hiya=Hi there.(if an English man say for you Hiya don`t think that he speaks in Arabic lol)
-Pipe down=stop talking.
-VIP=very important person.
-Busybodyies:people who ask many questions.
-Howsay?=how are you doing?
-What`s cooking?=what`s the news?
-You`re completely nut if you think I`ll get married with you=you`re crazy if you...
-My friend is a luch that I have ever seen!=My friend is an alcoholic.
-My boyfriend is a player=He`s not serious a couple.
-Brad pitt is very hot now=He`s very popular now.
-You`re very hot Miss=you`re sexy.
-Do you know where the can is?=Do....the toilet/restroom is?
-I am going to go bananas if i don`t pass the year=I am going to go crazy/insane if..
-The blog is tupsy turvy=The blog is messy


  1. Thank you sara for the information.

  2. You`re welcome.I hope that time to time we can make conference on msn and talk all together on it,if you don`t mind..We can even use the headphone especially during this vacation.The rule is to speak only in English.I think that`s a good idea to improve our English.