Monday, May 17, 2010

The Grass Is Singing

It is the first novel published in 1950 by British novel prize-winning author Doris Lessing .This story takes pkace in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in southern Africa during the late 1940 and deal with racial politics between bleck and white.

Mary has a happy and satisfied life as a single Rhodisian woman . She has a nice job , numerous friend and values her independence .After over hearing an insulting remark about her spinsterhood ,she resolved to marry.She marries Dick Turner a white farmer .Mary takes the work of Dick when he get sick ,for her the farm exist only to make money .Mary feels an intimate connection with the natives among her .
They often complain about the lack of work ethic among the natives that work in thier farm .She is cruel with them ,she workes them harder ,reduces their breaktime and takes money from thier pay.Her hatred of natives results in whipping the face of a worker because he speakes to her in English telling her he stopped work for a drink of water .This wirker named Moses .
After days he taken to be a servent for the house ,Mary does not feel fear of Moses ,but she did all she can ti avoid any social proximity with him .In a rare visit Slatter(thier nightbour) sees that Mary does not live with Moses as ahouse servent that's why he decided to defend the white society.Mo he used the piwer of effecting to convince Dick to give him his ownership and travel with his wife .
The book ends with Mary's feath at the hand od Mises who does not run from thr scene , but he waites a short distance away the arival of the police.

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