Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Illegal immigration

In our time everybody is looking for the best life . Algeria is among the third world countries , so it is a youthful country and the youth generation claim that there are not enough capacities and competents that push them to stay in their country . This is why they prefer to escape from this reality by different ways therefore leave their second mother unlawfuly. What are the causes , the consequenses and the solutions of that later ?
I think that work being the most valuable richness should be rehabilitated.Nevertheless , jobless and poverty are spread in our country, moreover; there are many social and familial problems which discourage stying in country as divorce of parents and it can be because of the population growth.
As a result migrant suffers from the bad situation that lives and from the far distance separates him from his family , his freinds and his second mother. Immigrant can been exploited in the other countries , so that can been treated like slaves.There are many other dangers for the illegal immigration , immigrant may face difficulties when comunicates with the forgheiners in order to spend his own needs.
To avoid illegal immigration effectively , we must use all means all powers all people of different parties to reconcile our countrymen with work and to spend all their needs as soon as possible before it is too late , and the sooner the better.


  1. hiiii yaw wachnou hada ya lala bon lyouma rani fi hala ya wili

  2. thank you for those informations about our bad situation espesially in Algeia

    I find your subject very interesting to talk about . In our time ,especially in our country , we have many problems in different domains so our generation suffered from this bad situation , for that you find the algerian youth are looking for a good life , and they do anything to relise their dreams even if their life becomes in danger us how you are

  4. Each one of us know that Algeria=nepotism.
    Can you imagine the salary of deputy with no level is 30millions and poor teachers 3 millions with experience!!
    The worst when you retire you`ll lose almost 50percent of your salary.
    I understand when especially teachers dislike when someone say I want make my career abroad because thanks to them,we have doctors,teachers,architects...etc.They really suffered to form these kind of intellectual people,and oups they travel abroad because they don`t have choice.No life in this Bled!!
    My friends,I can`t advice you for illegal imigration,but I really advice you when you`ll get your diploma,leave this country.You`ll feel much better belive me.lol
    That`s better to be nationalist but admit this reality.

  5. You have been made 10 spelling mistake be careful ..