Saturday, May 29, 2010

* the last scream for you*
when i speak to you try to understand me
and what is in your heart say it please
i did not say love me with force and your heart should love the person it likes
i need only your protest and i do not care if yes or no
your response will satisfie me and lets me relax from the punishment i have
oh , precious you weary me and when will your heart understand my heart
i knocked and screamed on your door but you did not replied for my cry
i do not know why you locked your door and in prison of punishment you let me alone
you have closed all your doors and took with you all keys
if i know that you dislike me i swear you will not see my face again
i will not cry for you and no such tears will fall from my eyes
and even my heart cry i will take of it and put it there
this is for my frinds especially ibrahim , and abd eljalil
hope they are fine and you jalil you take this from me to you
*** they are liars and have no value for us ***
good bye

1 comment:

  1. The situation began to get worse in our class!!Do not forget my friends that we`ve three years again together!
    I know that it will be unbearable for each of us especially for me.But let`s each one of us bear the others just for three years.After that,if you want goodbye,it will be ok.