Monday, May 24, 2010

I like you ms SALHI !!!

I swear that I did not see in my life, a professor with such competence and experience . You are the ideal for us and all future generations . My only wish to be in the future like you Ms SALHI i like you too much . I hope that you will stay with us untill the end nchalllah.


  1. She is really a good teacher.I`ve never seen in my life competent and loyal teacher like her.Her place is not there around students such a couch potato like most of us.
    Anyway,I wish her all good things in this life.
    Hope we`ll be able to take her way of teaching.

  2. hello ahlam
    thank you for your praise to our teacher miss Salhi
    yes you are right but ask yourself = must i be better than her =
    we know that she is a very good teacher and for us we should have passion inside us and do much efforts to be better