Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Myself i want to live free loose like the bird in the sky
Such as the bright star in space me i want to fllllllllllllly
My conscience is clear because i do not do but goodness
Trying to do my best without thinking about my weakness
I want to live free without restrictions without endness
Because i want to dicover everything surround by me
So that i am too curious and i do not fail anything..trust me
I walk with a good faith even if others did not believe me
I do not care others!!this is my motto of durable
If we work the views of others,life will become impossible
Who loves me must take me like i am and does not sympathize me
Because the sky is blue i think that the truth is endless
If i am not right one of you comes and tells me where is the wrong
Fortunately i have a confidense in myself and always right in my tongue.
I know that who does not have the patience do not read what I wrote but in pause safety and haste makes waste as they say.Good night everybody.


  1. As the singer Moumouh said:
    *Si tu veux m`aimer aimes moi telle que je suis*
    So,we love you as you`re cute girl.
    The beauty of someone is her/his sincerety and frankness.
    The physical beauty is ephemeral but the beauty of heart is eternal.
    So,stay just like this.

  2. Give a title for your article.
    Thanks in advance