Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just for girls.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody,

I think that each one of you are dreaming to get a handsome man , in my opinion this is the man who attracts girls .
You have to search well to find him , and to find him you must sacrifice ,so do not tire yourselves.
Who are ready to participate in that hard competition , i will give you his address and the rest to you.
Those who are interrested , they just tell me in the commentary.
So take care and revise well and about the man i will do my best to reconcile everyone of you by one.Bye good luck.


  1. Hi ahlam;
    I didn't like this pictur,and i don't agree with you about what you said.
    pleas come on.

  2. ha ha ha hah ah ha hah hahha please you are joking , you know that my grandfather is more handsome than this man on picture ??????
    you had better chose another picture ok???
    so i hope all the best in exams and good luck byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. What is this terrible picture

  4. Lol.You said a handsome man!I don`t think so!I am sorry!
    My boyfriend is handsome than him believe me.