Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi everybody,
Why do i feel bad?? how do i change my feeling??what do i do??have i lost my mind ??

who does save me in that case?? when do i feel good???????????????

Do you know why ?, what ?, who? ,when ?, where???i think nottttttttttttt!!!

Why?because i have catastrophiqhe grades!How ?Whith a good marks!!!!!!

What ? I will do all my best!Who save me?our kind teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When ?after the exam!!!!So my allah will be with me , help me and you i am not selfish ok.Take care and do not waist your time friend good both night and luck.


  1. Hi Ahlam
    marocoo seems beautiful

  2. HAHAHA.I see that all of us complain as all the problems of the world on our back.My god!
    Put aside this feeling you'll be much better.