Saturday, May 29, 2010

i will not forgive
can you ask yourself

why you sweared and than you will not be frank
why you promised and than you lie
why you said yes and than say no
why you laugh and than you turn back
why you said come and than say go
why you said i am here and than say i am not
why you said if you need i am here
and if i ask you say no
explain to me please why you lie
i always ask but you have not reply
i ask my god for your lie he will guide you to the right way
thank you for all your smiles but not thank you for your lie
thank you for your advise but sorry for your selfish
sorry if i did someyhing wrong and thank you if you do it for me
i know you always do it but you do not see it on me
you always hurt me however you do not care on me
you always kill me but one day i will kill you

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