Sunday, May 16, 2010


In 1897 abig ship sink in the ocean and thrsurvivers are four men.The captain who is very sad for his ship,the oiler,aphysically powerful man named"Billie" rowing with one oar,the corespondent rowing with the other oar,and the cooker who baillig water from yhe bottom of the boat.the man talk yo each other and ask one question"how we cen arrive to the shore?".The water enter to the boat and the catain and the cooker try to throw it out,the correspondent and the oiler still rowing.the captain used his overcoat and a oar as asail to give the tow man chance to rest.Abig wave tossed the correspondent over the boat and into waist-deep water,but he is too week even to stan up.
Suddenly,aman appears on shor stripping of his clothis and running into the water.The rescure drage the cooker to safty and then approacher the captain who waves him to halp the correspondent first.Billie the oiler,is face down in shallow water,dead.
The three living men are fed and tended.That night they listen to the sound of the waves but against the shore.

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