Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi , my friends
The world conains various system of govering such as Dictatorshjp and Democracy .The first one expresses ideas of injustice ,anequality repression and oppression ,HITLER is great example of dictators because he exterminated the jewish people .Where as the latter one is against ,all this ideas it expresses freedom .We are equal,and free to give opinions .
Democracy is less hateful then other forms of government ,and to that extented deserves our support .It stems from the assumption in devidial is important and that all types of people are needed .It doesn't devide is citizen into basses and workers.Every one is free to choose any form of govring by know themain ideas of his favourite system


  1. There`s no democracy in our country.Always the law of the most powerful.No freedom to say what ever you want.
    It`s a pity!!

  2. But i like my you!

  3. Sure that we love our cuntry but there is things that push as not to hate it but to fed up there and leave it.