Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dividing the chicken

Once there was an old man callad Djeha.He cam to a farmer's house and asked for some dinner.The farmer asked him to come in and sit down to dinner.There were two other travellers that came from far away.The farmer said well you are the last man to come ;you shall cut and serve the chicken.Djeha agree and they brought him a whole chicken.He cut off the head and gave it to the farmer,and said,you are the head man here,you shall have the head .He cut off the neck and gave it to the farmer's wife,and said .You are next to the head ,so you shall have the neck .He cut off the wings and gave one to each of the two daughters of the farmer, and said,You will soon fly away from the home nest, and you shall each have awing.He said to the other two travellers . You two poor fellows have a long way to go to get home ,and he gave each of them a foot.Then he said,i am just a poor old man; I shall eat what is left.

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