Tuesday, May 25, 2010

angry baby

The Angry Baby, whose real name is not disclosed due to child privacy laws, is an avid reader of parenting magazines, but was always frustrated by the lackluster information given in their advice columns.
"Some of these 'experts' have not been in a diaper for 30 or 40 years," says Baby. "They just dont remember what its like. After enduring constant months of my mom and dads misguided efforts, I felt there was a need to educate parents on what babies like me really want from the whole baby/parent experience."
While some may question a young toddler dispensing parental information, Prescott Carlson, editor of The Imperfect Parent, felt that Baby added a much-needed new perspective.
"Baby is certainly sometimes difficult to work with," Carlson says. "He is not very good at meeting deadlines, and is rather prone to tantrums. And when he turns in his column, its usually stained with juice. But the added insight from a babys point of view makes it worth the extra effort."
"Ask the Angry Baby" has a humorous and "tell it like it is" style that is a perfect compliment to The Imperfect Parents other features, such as the "WTF?! Toy Roundup", community forums, and thought provoking essays submitted by readers.
"I only wish my own kids were as perceptive as Baby," says Carlson. "But then again, maybe not."

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