Friday, May 14, 2010

good morning every body

good morning every body, how are you?
today I'm going to give you a game that makes you to have a lot of vocabulary in english language, so the rule of the game is: every one write a word with its meaning and the next one write a word begin with the letter, which expires by the previous word. it's OK so lets start:
Inn= small hotel


  1. The picture has none relation with the
    Well,I didn`t understand the second part of the game.

  2. Hi sara, how are you? I hope to be fine and recover quickly.
    So thanks for your comment and I want to tell you: before you write any thing you should know every thing about the subject. and this picture of small hotel, I'm not stupid to put any thing, I know exactly what I do.
    take care of yourself
    good bye.