Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The monster

There was a women who lived with her little son.She missed one eye.Because of that,Every body in her son's school called her the monstr.The son felt shame ,and asked her to avoide coming to school.When he became oldre ,he went to Europ.He had married and got children.His mother missed him,so she went to see him,but he did not receive her.He told his wife that he did not know her.She come back home crying.After that,she became very sick,and she wanted to see her son for the last time,but he did not come to see her.When he come back ,he find her died,but he find a letter.He opened it and read"Dear son, iam so sorry .Because of me ,you always feel shame,and your children feel afried from me .But you must know that i love you.I just want to tell you that when you werea boy ,you had an accident ,and you missed one eye ,and i gave you mine".

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